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Tim Design Limited is a interior design & construction team found by Feng Shui designer Mr. Tim Ho Wai Lap. Our customize design crafted with distinctive ambience & Chinese geomancy, specialize in professional residential & commercial space. We help junior designer for their development & gain professional knowledge. At the same time, our experienced construction team fully align of our marvelous design concept. Together we create refined aesthetic & to fit any project’s budget and needs.

Our service

Office / Retail Boutique/ Restaurant / School/ Clubhouse/ Exhibition Projects

Luxurious Residential/ Apartment/ House/ Showroom

Tim, Ho Wai Lap, started his own business & step into Feng Shui section, He owned an interior design firm at his age 25 and acuminated 18 years of interior experience. At his 36, he leaved the geomancy business for the reason of focus on the interior design business.

In 2020, We had launch add on service and Brand ambassador Mr. Bob Lam Shing Bun, television host & awarded MC has been recruited for or upcoming development.

We invited the most sought-after Feng Shui Master Mr. Clement Chan Ting Bong to crossing Feng Shui with Interior. In the same year, our firm has been active in different design award ceremony and requested for different media interviews. We assure to enhance our interior solution by our branding, creativity, team spirit, professional project management. With our mission, to integrating Feng Shui Master Clement Chan Ting Bong & Nano Solution & the best interior TV programme host Ms. Bella Lam Wing Tung into our future challenging year.

Year 2020-2023

Media News

  • Invited to TVB「安樂蝸」guest of final episode
  • Interview with TVB「安樂蝸」 guest of multi series
  • Invited to TVB「阿熹開班」guest of 11 series
  • Invited to TVB「阿熹百科」guest of 9 series
  • Invited to TVB「流行都市」honored guest of first episode
  • Invited to TVB「 流行都市」honored guest of multi series
  • Invited to 東方日報「玄途有樓裝」honored guest for 15 series
  • Interview with「東方日報」
  • Invited to「東方日報」guest of New Year series
  • Invited to TVB「 流行都市」honored guest of multi series
  • Interview with「新城電台」
  • Interview with「橙新聞」「揾錢呢啲嘢」
  • Invited to「Go瘋會」guest speaker of tailor made furniture
  • Invited to「Whyshot點拍」guest of first episode and 9 series guest host
  • Interview with William & Friends interview
  • Invited to 親子網上平台「supermami 」honored guest of 5 series

  • Attend Singapore television Mediacorp「印象亞洲」exclusive interview
  • Interview with HKTDCx Interior Secret
  • Attended to Viutv「設計家」multi series
  • Invited to HOY TV「香港奇則2」 
  • Invited to host Edmond Poon「恐怖在線」
  • Invited to host Edmond Poon「旺來88」
  • Invited to host Edmond Poon「好大個網」
  • Interview with「裝修佬-香港一站式網上裝修平台」「裝修名人堂」
  • Invited to「好師傅CoDECO」guest speaker of tailor made furniture in 8 series
  • Interview with
  • 「ECHouse免費裝修配對平台」
  • Invited to「ECHouse免費裝修配對平台」 guest of multi series
  • Invited to「玄創空間」guest host for 6 series
  • Invited to「港。村屋」 guest of multi series
Year 2020-2023